V/A - The North Atlantic Noise Attack (1989) [Link fixed]


A1 Ripcord Boiling Point

Written-By - SS Decontrol*
A2 Ripcord Subliminal Decay
A3 Ripcord Poetic Justice
A4 Intense Degree Nervous Breakdown
A5 Intense Degree Conform - I.D.
A6 Visions Of Change Under One Fist
A7 Jailcell Recipes S.H.C.
A8 Jailcell Recipes Forced
A9 Jailcell Recipes Deep Down Inside
A10 Civilised Society? Alone On A Hill
B1 Doctor And The Crippens Zombies In Disneyland
B2 Doctor And The Crippens Plaything
B3 Doctor And The Crippens Blitzkrieg Bop

Written-By - Ramones
B4 Doctor And The Crippens Bench
B5 Extreme Noise Terror Bullshit Propaganda
B6 Extreme Noise Terror Carry On Screaming
B7 Heresy Face Up To It
B8 Heresy Stand Proud

Written-By - D.Y.S.*
B9 Heresy Too Soon To Judge
B10 Napalm Death Scum
B11 Napalm Death Life
B12 Napalm Death Retreat To Nowhere
B13 Concrete Sox Eminent Scum
C1 Septic Death Evolution Garden
C2 Septic Death Forest Of The Megalomaniac
C3 Transgression Head In The Smoke
C4 Transgression Final Conflict
D1 Adversity Look Beyond
D2 Fear Itself Living Hell
D3 No Fraud Changes
D4 Desecration (3) Sit Back And Laugh

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